The Circus Friends Association Rules

The Circus Friends  Association Rules
Urgently required! Chip and Vee comment.

Vee reads the fan magazine Quarter Pole

What of interest is in this issue Vee?  (Vee) The editor has placed a form application for members to send in ideas for a set of membership rules for the club. As you know our general ‘please yourself’ attitude have had some stick about treating circus and everything as a play-toy so we must get more serious. (Chip) sounds a challenge. (Vee) There is a prize for the winning set of suggestions! I have already made my list and ready to post them in. Would you like to hear them? Sure, what is the prize?(Vee) The Committee will place an invite for ideas about that. Anyway this is my list.

(One) All photography should be, with approval of the subject, always a service to the club with nice credit given to the subject matter, location, the show title, the date plus any other details of historical interest to be forwarded to Sheffield University.

(Two) Members should make this a free service to benefit the prestige of the club and if members do place their name on the result, like; Bob Globals Circus Photo Services, they should not be used for profit or gain but if they are then the member should contribute to a charitable fund to help retired circus artistes or Brinsworth House or if not, resign from the club.

(Three) Members should assist where possible all touring shows – as a helpful service  if asked – but keeping the persona as a member and to treat all of circus equally, not to expect payments that may differ from one show to another or may be zero. Any political issues or policy issues that affect one show or another, keeping in mind that shows are in competition with each other, should be well avoided unless approval is given by the President or Secretary of the club. Any dealing with the press, local or national, should only be approved by the club management along with the circus involved and the name of the club used if the issue affects art and artistes. Avoid false titles. 

(Four) Do not as a member use your member situation to pass around personal opinions between shows acts or artistes just because the club has allowed you, via membership, to reach these opinions and persons. Do not likewise use social media for these opinions, only the C.F.A., as a club, should voice an opinion but only if it affects the club. Club members should not take part in circus management in this way or any way. Any complaint against a member concerning the above could mean the termination of membership.

(Five) Social media pages managed by members must comply with part 4. The first and the main interest of all members should be to forward the club as a service to forward circus and not to promote discord. 

(Six) The club recognizes that circus artistes are the main part of all circuses over and above the different show titles or even proprietors. Our main interest must be art and artistes their interests dignity and welfare. The club does not approve of members writing or publishing books whilst being a member certainly not gossip books. Members should resign if this activity takes place. Published books can cause much friction within circus and the C.F.A. wish to pride itself in promoting circus harmony and co-operation and to work against possible frictions. Published books are generally designed to cause friction. Likewise involving in activity Like the performing animal issues can cause much discord. The C.F.A. fully supports the Circus Proprietors Association and the governing body DEFRA. The C.F.A. as above, do not wish to be involved with the interests of individual shows or artistes unless it has a helpful charity involvement (as previous).

(Seven) The following words must not be used in any correspondence $3″*&!  G*^%$£! and ^%(>**!

(Chip) Sounds brilliant Vee but certainly takes the fun out of everything. I see that they have now placed an old panel on the National Fairground and Circus Archive making it clear that rules did actually exist in 1934!  Wonder what they were?

Below is the latest statement from the C.F.A. placed on its ‘Private’ Facebook forum. Apparently so bad they must place this appeal.  

(From member Jacks on public Facebook who never wishes to print the names or titles of any artiste. “Reviews of UK Circuses, photographs and message wall etc. Please no adverts for acts (other things are for sale are fine) as the group gets bombarded. Send you adverts for acts to the shows themselves. Adverts for acts will get taken off and user banned. Ta much!”   Meaning, artistes will be banned! (In 1977 our agency actually banned the C.F.A. for anti-artiste gossiping conduct – not rescinded!)

(From the nameless Editor; “This is the main Facebook page for the Circus Friends Association of GB (CFA). Please feel free to use this page to discuss all aspect’s of circus, to show your support of all things circus and to post any photographs relating to the Circus or of any CFA related activity or event. Bad/abusive language, anti performing animal discussions or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated”.

From Artistes United; a message to all who use social media who suffer online abuse. Our sympathies. Members of the CFA without control of its Committee or the circus industry have been prolific around Facebook and YouTube with activity against the interests of circus art and artistes (see the thread Sad Decline). We will remain unpopular and name the perpetrators! Unfortunately social media is a real haven for small minds to abuse at a distance! 



Author: Tom Sandow

born into showbusiness - full life entertaining, management, agency, engager of acts and artistes - show producer presenter.

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  1. It is generally assumed owing to some critics that I have a personal issue with the Circus Friends Association this is not the case, if and when they do or say something beneficial to circus artistes it will be acclaimed on this website. Here is one example of crass disrespect; last week a circus artiste from eastern Europe died. There is financial difficulty in returning the artiste home so an appeal is made. The C.F.A have posted this short message below with the nonsense statement ‘if only a £1! I thought about the hire of a Tesco trolley for this amount? Taste might suggest placing no amount.

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the CFA, if you are able to donate, even if its only a £1, then please do so.
    Your support will be greatly appreciated.

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