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Yet another article to the detriment of child humour. One wonders why these strange attitudes are promoted? National newspapers could echo my closing message but seem to be rather destructive against clowning that should beneficial to child happiness. Note that I concentrate on children their welfare and happiness. No real concern campaign against vicious nasty video games so available to destroy child innocence or the worst of pornography freely available- no academic opinion to equal the venum levelled at clowning. I have read the reverse that pornography is harmless ! Mystifying? I do acknowledge the Daily Mail with its editorials concerning online pornography available to schoolchildren (see below) but a pity that the press can not see the benefits of pure laughter as a wonderful art form.

Circus Clowning

Having said that I have personally voiced  opinions, to receive voices against me within circus its followers  and fans, and with little or no support from circus itself (a main area for the image of child humour) who have, in the main surrendered to the illiterate and to the illiterate conceptions of clowning. One wonders what criteria even circus engages thought in this area? Art has rarely  been a real conception.

Clown make-up is supposed to be funny not frightening but unfortunately  it seems the clowning area can be open to attract persons who may have problems and a face mask is a good way of hiding them. A purposeful mask in this respect is indeed suspect. The mainstream clowns have never looked into the issue of, who is engaged within their art. Artistes United welcome any views from The Clowns International, the Circus Proprietors, Equity (and you the public!).  Professional clowns should be proud exponants of the greatest routines and gags, clean and wholseome, I do refer to circus and stage clowning – big routines, children’s entertainers in a make are not the routine clowns I am referring too or clowning that the article means.

Modern trends

It is not always funny or needed to venture into an audience. This also applies to comedians – comics who may invade the public area – only the best can get away with it but I never saw, for instance, the wonderful late Ken Dodd doing it. So why should clowns? Usually with embarrassing engagements. No, stay on stage or stay in the ring – 30 feet from the nearest member of the public. Clowning can offer the greatest of props and and a huge range of routines and ideas!  Stop using the public as stooges. If clowns and clowning were the great art it should be I am sure the public would fully appreciare it and them. Persons being stupid with and before the public are not that funny. The biggest complaint from persons of merit (leaving aside the biased minds) is, ‘I do not like clowns because they are not funny! The public are not failing some clowns are.

Below is one example of ‘clowning’ from Mr Bippo Ellis who rates  himself exceptionally highly. He seems to have a fixation with this kind of ‘comedy’ totally unsuitable for children or even a family audience but this is the modern attitude of some circus clowns obviously approved by the concerns they work for.

Author: Tom Sandow

born into showbusiness - full life entertaining, management, agency, engager of acts and artistes - show producer presenter.

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