Circus Friends Chip and Vee, We Are Not Snow-Flakes!

Circus Friends Chip and Vee review the article in Quarter Pole from Tom Sandow who refers to C.F.A. persona as ‘Snowflakee!

Why are you making sounds of astonishment Vee? Surely the annual sub is not going up again? No Chip, but my blood preasure is. This Quarter Pole issue has a long page item of quotations from Tom Sandow, you know the person we like to dislike just for the sake of it. What is he saying then Vee? He is saying that we are Snowflakes! Absolutely ridiculous. He says that circus must be as we see it rather than the reality from the public, I mean, since when have we been in harmony with the public?  Read it for me Vee.

It says, we are snowflakes to prefer the blocking of certain words and criticisms. Words like CIRCUS used only as a full expression to encompass everything but we rather prefer CIRQUE. We avoid the word ‘artiste’ ‘artistes’ or even ART! CIRCUS of course being old hat! Even circuses do not use it anymore, they prefer the title Cirque or SHOW. So, we are only doing what they do.

Definitely a no-no to put the act title on a photograph because it causes favouritism. Well, he should know it is against our policy to promote individuality as such – with circus being a commune. Except the ones we like. So we avoid naming artistes or groups thereof only using the word ‘performer’. – He says Snowflake! Especially as we like our own face included in the photo!

Our word preferences are; New, Fresh, New Wave, ‘Modern’ ‘Modernistic’ ‘Ground-Breaking’ ‘Inspirational’ ‘New Cirque’ or, we love a mocking title like ‘Circus No-Sense’ that is fine. Snowflake approved. The word ‘tradition’ is so past it! Even the word ‘clown’ is past it! Or traditional clown – clowns – or clowning. Ban them! Specifically offensive is – make-ups. Quite in order for persons to appear in the streets in the most frightening tattoo displays, particularly on women, fine for the kiddies to see, but a red nose and baggy pants! Oh dear! Why should he expect the C.F.A. to show any protection for that? No real approval because he should know we prefer to be in tune with sections of the public rather than the art we are supposed to support.

We do not know the difference between great clowning and poor clowning anyway. It is just someone acting stupid. ‘Tradition’ is totally out of order for new-wave philosophies, far better to dress down and look drab which is a healthy sign of free expression. He should know that the C.F.A. have a right to free expression that is why we hate rules! Snowflakes all hate rules! Good language is old hat to us so we always sprinkle everything with bad language – trendy! No one is anything on social media unless it is basically using a modernistic vernacular.

As for animal care, we dislike him because he suggests we return to the mannered orderly days of 1944! Where is he coming from!. He claims we are censoring criticisms, he must know that free speech is so passe! It is now being banned by all credible organisations and the C.F.A. never really liked it although we want to be friends to everyone this is why we use that word. The word FAN can mean fantastic but can also mean fanatic! That is the image we do not want to send out even if we are so we much prefer ‘friend’. It is universal, transgender and gender neutral, even if the meaning is pointless.

Well Vee, what a load of old dribble. He should have been censored before that item was published. I will have a word with the Editor.


Author: Tom Sandow

born into showbusiness - full life entertaining, management, agency, engager of acts and artistes - show producer presenter.

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