Meaningful Clowning and the Apprenticed Clown

Meaningful Clowning and the apprenticed clown

circus utopia
(Chip) ‘You were a long time talking to that balloon seller Vee’.
(Vee) ‘Don’t you know who he is?’
(Chip) ‘No’
(Vee) ‘He is the newly found exciting internationally acclaimed totally inventive clown ‘Baloney’ that graduated from the alternative school of dramatic circus skills, plus award winning Mime artistry academy at Glastonbury.
(Chip) ‘Is that so, well I have only seen him in make up. Why isn’t he wearing any now?’
(Vee) ‘He did explain that to me, his facial disguise is but a mask that must separate him from his inner emotions that helps him to find his finest degree of artistic comical genius that is widely appreciated worldwide and, to do this, he must circle within the sphere of the audience using a balloon as a psychological means of elevation. He does this without make up, disguised as a salesperson, so that he may fully appreciate the inner depths of hidden tortures and sadness within the souls of each of the many individuals who may purchase a balloon, to share their pains, who are clearly only visiting the circus to escape from daily grind and to experience, for a short time, a world of colourful fantasy. He then translates his unique psychology into comedy.
(Chip) ‘Well I never found him funny’

(Chip) ‘Who was that other fellow helping to hold the balloons?

(Vee) ‘The apprenticed clown stooge and partner to Baloney. Still searching for his persona. Moaning something terrible though. Told me that his working days start at 7 a.m. after which he is kept very busy mending and repairing the many and various things that break during the previous circus day. Yesterday he was out a 3 a.m. stitching the tent because of the gales. During the show he acts as the main stooge in various things so must take all the water and the soap paste during the clown routines. He is also training to be fired from the cannon – Only just recently returned from hospital recoved from his latest accident doing that – missed the net altogether and landed in the Ice Cream trailer. He is also training for the proprietors suggested brand new act, bungy jumping from the tent top into a bath of water. Of course he is paying for his training until the Arts Council Alternative Comedy department decide to fund him but funding is difficult at this time’

(Chip) ‘Well, if he is so dissatisfied and moaning why does’nt he just leave?

(Vee) ‘What? and leave show-business?


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