Marx Brothers Try to Form a Government Night at the Opera

Brussel Sprouts swopping partners  Chip Board and Vee Bracket

Hello Chip  how are thing going with this Parliament agreement thingy?
Not too good Vee, they are trying to pick a leader but no one likes each other or agrees with each other or even a title. One Party leader wants to form an all female Party! Interesting. Apparently the EU wont change anything anyway so no-one will acknowledge it is a waste of time. The Labour Party voted against it three times, count so far are three leaders with the provisional title National (Any Which Way But Lose) Government. Open Ended. Policies mixed. 

How is the choice for leadership going Chip? I have drawn up a contract that should be agreeable to the three perhaps you would like to study it?. 

Jack and the Bag of Beans


Author: Tom Sandow

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