Defra the government department has revised the standard personal engagement for all animal trainers and keepers to be personally registered and reasonable for the animals in their keeping, a personal license.  First required in 1925. The British Circus Friends Association may do a credible  service instead of negativity, by mentioning the 1925 Act, sponsoring this ruling, using their national title at all times and name their  personal membership at all times, and avoid, without insult, opposing groups by producing the facts. The equestrian should be welcomed in most cases with the above required. Circus fans and followers never mention artistes who take the opinionated risks (targets) – The C.F.A. should not get involved without honest dedication – your identity. Defra has no authority for foreign circuses who may arrive without the 1924 requirement. A Foreign show may tour without the above requirement and take some time for Defra to identify. Circus fans are not concerned – see nothing wrong, there could be much wrong.

The out of touch losing it Rona Brown – now apparently retired but still facing both ways, confirming that she supports Defra and the house of Lords knowing full well they only – wisely – supports this country as below and says it is unwise to support further but calls for help,

Ok upwards and onwards, today in the House of Lords. The amendment to question the definitions was rejected. The circuses across the world desperately need your help. Please support Alex and Martin who are trying desperately to save UK circuses from this latest ban which will continue across the wold if we don’t stop it here. Get in touch with Alex to see how you can help. 

This C.F.A might consider wearing attractive jackets with C.F.A logos and stand at the circus entrance for the distribution of the above Correct Defra message, far better than current conduct. * They impertinently demand perfect privacy for themselves and a most private address. They want to know who you are. Be careful of your security – avoid membership. Circus artistes, who are human talented are welcoming! You do not need this set-up of total impure liars. This website has now reached 550,000 visitors, it is free and welcoming and prides the truth. This outfit following prints no numbers for visitors – small. 


I have personally suffered the worst abuse from this C.F.A, but today I view a new name posting a swear word, open to the world. No circus artiste want any of these types speaking for them, they think they are superior?. His name is John Stevens – residing where who knows. I will make it my business to expose the address of all abusing circus ‘fans’ who think dignity is naff. YOU WILL KNOW WHO THEY ARE! They all wish to be private at the cost of artistes – their days are numbered. 

Andrew Lewis.
Factfinder is very clearly Tom Sandow or Tom Bratby or whatever name is complete pratt and pain in the arse wishes to be know. As much as we might find the rantings a little amusing on the ? April 2019 site, they could put potential customers off. Personally I believe maybe its time they were removed. (ALL FAKE NEWS. packed with lies. Please note how they insult my grand family name, how low can one sink. Brave yes? This along with the other unprintable filth is placed on a CFA secret page.


Author: Tom Sandow

born into showbusiness - full life entertaining, management, agency, engager of acts and artistes - show producer presenter.


  1. This wise sight has promoted DEFRA for the past five years government policy the THE ACP AND the CFA never mention it, Rosa Brown has (for one of so many) has viciously attacked me with no right to reply only recently above she acknowledge Parliamnent ruling above. She then saciting animals from above,
    British circus artistes are the majority baking her views so if they with filthy language to unfried so be it. All foreign have been very good.
    I see that the girls on Britains Got Talent have been attaked by face less nonons on social meadia – MUst be stoopped

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