Alternative to the Alternative Circus

Alternative to the Alternative Circus
Chip Board and Vee Bracket discuss the modern variants of circus

(Chip) What is this latest survey in this month’s Quarter Pole? (Vee) It is a questionnaire to find out what the Friends think about the variants of circus style promotions. Quite challenging actually. (Chip) Sounds intellectual, what are the questions and what is the reward? (Vee) These are the headings plus 1 to 10. for your approvals. 

Traditional Circus, Classic Traditional Circus, Alternative Traditional Classic, Alternative Fringe, Additional Alternative Street Costuming’s without any fringing, Cirque Oklahoma – Touring Surrey with the Fringe on Top, Circus, but you guess the title of the show, Fringe, Welfare State Fringe Alternative to Circus, ‘We ban all glamour Fringe also the name circus Fringe of Fringe, LGBS International Fringe, We love Traditional Clowning (Fringe). Astley Knew SA about Fringe (appearing at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival). 

(Chip) You are right that is certainly a challenging survey. You did not say what the reward might be? (Vee) Oh, a pair of earmuffs to protect against the sound technicians. Next issue of Quarter Pole also has a large section about ‘Circus Performers’ – surely Circus Artistes! (Chip) Probably a new Editor into Fringe titles. 

Author: Tom Sandow

born into showbusiness - full life entertaining, management, agency, engager of acts and artistes - show producer presenter.

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