Carry on Circusing!

Carry On Circusing!
The fans inspire Sherwood film studios to re-launch a Carry On film sub-titled; A funny thing happened on the way to decorum!

(Chip) You look chirpily happy and nice of you to treat me to a best seat. Have you come into sudden wealth?

(Vee) In a way Chip, I am celebrating, I have this note from the C.F.A. Secretary wanting me to play a major comical roll in a possible national film release potential. Sherwood studios want to engage the best of us acting fans! Apparently Sherwood studios consider our group of thespian players first class to re-create a Carry On classic. They have yet to decide the title but the favourites could be Carry on Circusing or Camping then Carry on follow that Scammel, Carry on Tober, Carry on Gossiping, Carry on at your Inconvenience, Carry on Rallying, Carry on Bill Posting and Carry on to CLEObury Mortimer!. Above all the scripts must be family friendly. The studio considers we have some of the best knock-a-bout clowns!.

(Chip) You mean like this illogical from the C.F.A.? Inviting members to vote for their favourite circus without conditions and ability to vote countless times!

(Vee) I think the Secretary has spent some time in the European Parliament!! I also think the year should read 2017. I will vote 500 times for Utopia and the proprietor will let me have free seats for the season! (Chip) You could bring the association into disrepute! Are you coming to the A.G.M.? They are having the Presidential swearing in ceremony.

(Vee) We love playing at show-business provided it is only acting! Dare not attempt anything artistic within the peforming arts – too challenging.

Carry On Voting!!

UK CIRCUS DAYS IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE RETURN OF IT’S AWARD FOR BEST CIRCUS 2016….. VOTED FOR BY YOU! Please choose your show you want to vote for below. This way everyone can see the results! I think this is fair and closing day will be 15th October 2016. IMPORTANT: IT ONLY LETS ME ADD TEN CHOICES. THEREFORE IF YOUR FAVOURITE IS NOT THERE YOU NEED TO ADD IT!!!!!!!! Thank you. (by he way you can vote for more than one!). Steve Jacks.

A dim view by President Andrew Lewis! No sense of humour who should consider our suggested rules for the association that avoids trouble causing between artistes and to encourage polite behaviour. Note how he refers to a devoid of individual thought! They are a clique!

Andrew Lewis And he then wonders why, circus fans (in or out of the CFA) seemingly show him no respect!!


Author: Tom Sandow

born into showbusiness - full life entertaining, management, agency, engager of acts and artistes - show producer presenter.

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  1. They would have to use polite language! It would be a first!! Let us check the list; you have supported (generated by one supposes by David Hibbing, David Konyot, Chris Barltrop) a call for the CFA to chose the best circus (1970s) this along with the fact you tried to block our CIVIC STAGE tour for children’s circus promotions – ignoring the fact that you widely promoted – via the The Stage newspaper and the national. You had or have no right, as a group, to voice who might run a circus. That control work and rates of salary. What is good or bad is a personal opinion but should be private. As a group and as members you have heavily engaged yourselves backing untrue biased opinions about artistes and then blocking any right to reply via listening to one or the above names issuing biased untrue statements – around social media. You have constantly and deliberately used vile language against animal rights people who hold a separated view around social media and echo one or more of the above three persons. All credible opinions on this issue from leading persons in circus (apart from the three names and the CFA) are at lease polite or stay silent. We wish to hear the policy adopted in 1944.

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