Circus of Horrors – Look for a Star

Circus of Horrors, Look for a Star
1960 Billy Smart’s Circus major film release.

I had the great fortune to have toured with the great show in 1960, I think the film was produced the year prior. Chris Christian was the ringmaster for the film, highly regarded showman, I knew him very well along with many of the artistes who took part for the film. Great memories with this song. Being a ringmaster for the show years later the entering clowns would never cross a call taking artiste but this is a film production and not Smart’s.

Author: Tom Sandow

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4 thoughts on “Circus of Horrors – Look for a Star”

  1. Hi, Memories – Memories! I do remember the year you were the ringmaster, 1970. The circus played Sheffeld, I was only a young chap of 20.The local Labour Exchance placed a notice that the circus wanted casual helpers following the final performance to assist with the dismantling. I remember about 20 chaps were engaged at a payment of £2 each! Nice amount in those days. We were there from 10 p.m. to about 2 a.m. never forget the experience or the fact that we were placed under Arabic persons telling us what to do! We also had free tickets for the last show that was fabulous.

    Kind Regards
    Bill Shaw

  2. Thanks Bill! Yes you have reminded me too. The ring staff were engaged each year by a very gentle nice man of large status, he was over six feet tall – Abdulla, a Moroccan. He spent some years with Billy Smart’s and each year would engage some fellow Moroccans to assist the work of the show. They were all good fellows and well mannered. On the dismantling days each of the members would lead one casual helper so you would be put under one of the staff. Great system.

    1. My dad was in the circus at that time he was also called Abdullah and was Moroccan in the tumbler troupe
      Sadly I never met him as he passed away before I found him.anyone with any info regarding his friends would be helpful as I know I have younger siblings that know about me I just can’t find them

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