Two Shows or Not Two Shows, That Is The Question!

Two Shows or Not Two Shows That is The Question!

Chip and Vee have double vision and Baloony does a marathon!

Hi Chip, Hi Vee, you are late getting here the interval is almost over.

I know, got really confused with two circuses in the same town, and so went to the other one by mistake. I see that, according to the programme Baloney is now titling himself Balloony!

Yes, on account of his size. Have you noticed that all the English clowns now are getting larger! Looking like dirigible’s!  Must be too much goulash! Why the Mac? Nice sunny day?

Oh, just waiting for the inevitable clown abuse of the public.

So, why were you late?

Well, the posters said Mableskemouth on each but both circuses are 14 miles out of town! Finally found this one having negotiated the huge front Garden Centre and having to park the car outside of it one mile up the road because their car-park was full, then negotiated the Car Boot Sale going at full swing, then negotiating the front of show extra furniture’s like bouncy castles, kiddy inflatable slide, kiddy motor bike competitions, Face Painters, Bungy Jumpings, Helicopter Rides, along with the various queues for sales kiosks I finally found the Ticket office to be told that the special priced voucher is not acceptable on a Tuesday and they do not take cheques or credit cards so I had to telephone the Universal Internet Ticket Service in Bournemouth who sent the communication to the ticket office that my ticket was then valid having accepted payment over the phone for this performance provided I answered a short 50 itemed questionnaire of how I find their service agreeable and would I be interested in a Take That Concern in Wembley for December the 14th.

Sorry I asked. Here, you can have my second raffle ticket for the giant life-sized cuddly bear. Where are you staying?

At the local Travelodge.

Fancy a drink later?

Might do but there are a couple of good films on old Talking Pictures. Goodbye Mr Chips and Vlad the Impaler. Chip, here comes the announcer; ‘Ladies and Genalmun, before the second half we have a special announcement, our star clown Baloony will present, as from 12 noon tomorrow, a full 24 hour repertoire of non-stop clowning, a special fund raiser for the Retired Billposters Anonymous Charity Fund. Tell your friends! (Chip) We had better bring our sleeping bags.


Author: Tom Sandow

born into showbusiness - full life entertaining, management, agency, engager of acts and artistes - show producer presenter.

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