If Only We Were Green in Our Day

If only we were green in our day

A pensioner waiting for her bus with a plastic bag due to bust caused a frown. A young girl mumbled to her friend, a pity the oldies don’t think like us when they buy, that waste is bad and should give green a try.

The lady apologised to the girl with a sigh, we didn’t know green in the days gone by. The girl replied ‘that is our problem tomorrow you see, the world will die for others and me.’ The old lady said ‘I know you are right, we were all ignorant and not that bright. Without modern lectures from expertise we only had our elders to please, and they did not know about green.’

When I was a lass we returned glass bottles to the store, who sent them back to be reused for more. It was called recycling. If only we did the green thing. In the olden days we produced the food the natural way, without any chemicals to pollute the streams and rivers you see that now travel to the sea that poison the fish for you and me. We carried our shopping in string bags without much strain, that folded in pockets without a pain to re use again and again. Little or no waste of our food to shock, what was not re-used fed the land or the farmers stock. But, we didn’t know much about green. 

Shops would deliver to our doors, a youth on a bike to do the chores with brown paper bags that were much stronger to cover our schoolbooks so to last longer. We would use the stairs and walk to school  or used our bikes that  took no longer than 4 by 4s, the modern solution stuck in traffic causing pollution.  Entertainment was full of beauty and glitter, language was clean and not so bitter. But we didn’t do the green thing.

We had trams and trolley cars that ran with low fares without pollution to fill the air, time on the pavements to stand and stare and talk to our friends with time to spare. The world is spinning faster and faster when time should be our human master. ugly tripods did not cause scorn  just gentle windmills to mill our corn – water driven.  But, we didn’t do the green thing.

We washed the nappies – no throw away kind, dried outdoors on a line and that was fine. Free power from the wind and sun was tried, fresh breezes dried. The clothes made here by our own workers and not transported around the globe in container ships in pollution mode. But, we didn’t do the green thing.

We had  just a radio and no cellphones to feed,  just an old red call box for those in need with conversations friendly and personal. We children had facts from  an encyclopaedia with no need for social media. Newspapers were full of news and advice but now they are full of gossip and vice. But, we did not do the green thing. 

When young we were always active and bright, out and about was most attractive and light. Dancing away to great lyrics to enjoy, that singers were always proud to employ. In the kitchens we stirred and blended by hand and mothers cooking tasted grand. Children were taught to respect elders and each other and knew that strangers could be a bother – but, we didn’t do the green thing. 

When I was young I flew planes for our aces from factories to their distant bases. Girls were parachuted into far places, to take equal risks if located and found, with brave men upon the ground. We had respect and equality in those relations and no need for rules and regulations. No need or desire to dress provocatively, for men were gentlemen you see. But, we did not do the green thing. Yes, it is such a pity. 







Author: Tom Sandow

born into showbusiness - full life entertaining, management, agency, engager of acts and artistes - show producer presenter.

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