Divad Toynoksky

Fans Chip and Vee review Circus Utopia for the fans magazine Quarter Pole. The show featuring the Superclowning from DIVAD TOYNOKSKY

The show started with John Lewis the capable ring master with welcoming words to the audience and bringing into the ring the Gallopers fast voltige.

The second act was the standard foot juggling and knife throwing from Amanda Vintage.

The audience welcomed time for brilliant laughter from the times awarded master of comedy DIVAD TOYNOKSKY presenting his brand new intro act to the world of circus this season, his highly original knockabout Chaplinesque comedy boxing routine, the audience in stitches (along with his partner!!)

Fast into the ring was the Moulin’s Triple Bar act.

For the first time before any audience DIVAD TOYNOKSKY returns with his comedy ride aboard a comedy pantomime horse! Fabulous! Never seen anything so funny!

The Monarchs with the usual group riding act.

The three Larks on the unicycles, the same routine as last year.

Again we have the outlandishly ultra-modern alternative comedy from DIVAD TOYNOKSKY with his rude talking obnoxious comedy car – kids love this!

The five Heinekens flying act from bar to bar.

To close the show this year was the brilliant trumpeting from DIVAD TOYNOKSKY playing the Hungarian Rhapsody, the Post Horn gallop and the Tchaikovsky 1812 overture with orchestrations for solo horn.

(VEE) ‘you have certainly gone overboard with the accolade for Toynoksky, you didn’t do that last year? (CHIP) I had a note from the editor of Quarter Pole, apparently Toynoksky had a very bad revue in the Bulgarian press so I should be nice to him and to massage his giant ego!


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