The End of Season Ring Party

The End of Season Ring Party

circus utopia

(Chip) It is always great to receive invitations to attend these ‘close of season’ ring parties with the free nosh, and always some nice speeches from the departing artistes. Look, I see the celebrated clown Baloney is about to speak.

‘The Management, friends, and fellow artistes.

‘Over 180 shows in 45 days, we have had an absolutely brilliant time with Circus Utopia, a great show giving me some super memories, My grateful thanks to James Last, Benjamin Bilston, a special mention to Paul Wingfield for the laughs and keeping me sane and safe on the journeys. My hugely funny and appreciated partner for putting up with me and constantly surprising me with his capacity to change and adapt to my stupidity, to a great company whose professionalism was outstanding and especially to the tens of thousands of people who came to the show and clapped, cheered, gasped and laughed at our antics .
Last but not least to my Producer mate David Merchant whose friendship and faith is something I treasure.
‘We’ll all meet on the road again’

(Vee) Well, that was quite a speech, either he had a wonderful season or he is crawling for another contract!

Author: Tom Sandow

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