Arts for Healthy Children v Snowflake Mentality

Arts for Healthy Children v Snowflake Mentality
show business has a large undebatable duty. The function of our website is to promote the very best artistes for the family taste this is why we feel strongly about child welfare to 16 years. My experience of a lifetime showed this business throughout the 1950s and 1960s was quite dominated by the gay membership, mostly in agencies and cross -dressing pantomimes and later television. No-0ne put a number to them – we accepted the situation. No one cared it was a fun area if you like – no confrontation no dispute. They were all professional.

Deliberate Confrontation. “Green Campaign Farce”

We see now that following the huge Gay Pride march through London is followed to maximum negativity with the same 4 Per Cent it probably represented 60 years ago. Brighton, August 6th 2019. Pride festival parade, “thousands of laughing gas canisters were left behind by revellers that filled 100 tons of rubbish. Around 400,000 people descended on Brighton over the week-end this litter pick-up on the pebble beach filled 150 rubbish bags with bottles, cans, plastic waste and disposable barbeques in the first two hours alone. What the cleaners were shocked by were the number of nitrous oxide, or hippy crack canisters they collected – along with the balloons used to inhale the potentially deadly gas” The  theatricals had no parade other than show promotions and one might ask; were children invited to this Gay Pride jolly? Nice image for the town sanctioned by the authorities. Death for quality pantomimes and Great Britain.
Examples; there seems an agenda to destroy the image of wholesome clowning and other visual arts and imagery for children to see with a constant promotion of ways to destroy child innocence. By whom? Artistes United wish the best beneficial art for children. Adult humour is not for them. Sorry to say it, but it seems apparent that certain persons feel obliged to corrupt children’s minds! A police report says that even Primary children are circulating  pornography between themselves. We feel that adult imagery should not be available on cell-phones. Circus clowning should be totally safe for children to see and appreciate. The Metropolitan Police have stated today (12th July 2017) that the search for the work of online child location abuse will be done by computer. The children aged Primary are online gambling and the government is allowing one year because of profit motive, children of school age are used for drug mulling. No way of controlling this?
Some people are clearly a part of liberalising child minds too soon. Report  says that 25 per cent of children are depressed ! Is it any wonder. As a child I had the greatest of art and visual items – my father was very opinionated for what is good along with our society. Films were totally ‘U’ for all children and vetted. Better world. The leading charity for child welfare. We support nspcc and all the leading child care charities. We have supported CLIC Sargent for thirty years (please see tour pages). Huge numbers from the public! Variety and Circus artistes have done great works (Variety Club sponsored by Billy Smart grand gala shows each year in Clapham London (photo of the many stars placed).

Unfortunately times have changed, the following of circus fans have become low rude and unsavoury, I notice that its website places no age for child membership – this is risky.  I notice this week. as we know, Facebook places a minimum age to 13 years but the media is reporting the age even down to ten years. Circus artistes are most reliable.

This trend frightening ‘clown’ activity started about three years ago in Holland by someone promoting ‘scare’ costumes for special parties – it also includes Hallowe’en, that used to be a ‘bit of fun’ to be taken into the streets. Rather daft for adults but most terrifying for small children.

This ‘clown’ activity has been going on all over the country for some time for what specific reason is unclear other than to spoil any enjoyment for small children. Obviously it is totally detrimental for the professional clown artistes.

Artistes United sees so little real pure innocent comedy for children in our country. Most of the media is full of terrors and sadness and destruction. Real good old slapstick used to be great fun – but the spoilers are active against anything worthwhile it seems. This forum page is to supply information concerning any unnecessary undesirable content to cause mental anguish to children wherever it is for children to see. Netmums – Mumsnet – you have powerful memberships.


Facts; personally our Slapstick Theatre raise £30,000 for us to donate to a national charity from families buying tickets for the shows – not one single complain about content! The painting is from Matthew aged 7. Our shows have performed to tens of thousands of children over many years.



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A supportive letter from the then MP Mrs Ann Widdecombe.
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Base behaviour and language – how can this teach the young?

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Letter from one boy

I am disgusted the way that film makers have wrecked the reputation of Batman films altogether. ‘The Joker’ would drop laughing gas bombs on the city, mess up art galleries, turn Gotham’s fish into Joker fish but now he’s getting his smiles from using knives and scaring people – please! Everyone knows that the Joker fell into a vat of chemical acid that bleached his face white and his hair green. And everyone knows the Joker’s ideal weapon is either a flower that squirts acid or a pistol that launches a flag saying ‘bang’ on it. I am a big Batman fan. I have seen every film up until this one and now I don’t want to see the ‘Dark Knight’ (Christopher – aged 11 years).

There are powerful groups within show-business to have great voice to protect our children. It should not be left to the general public to complain alone – there are artists/artistes actors producers and fan clubs. Is this a call for some censorship? Yes to protect the under 16s. We say that the under 16s are still forming and can not cope with the diet that is fed to adults – even if adults can. One letter from the national press:


X Rated television. Now they must invade the old Red Nose, nothing is sacred. Gone are the days of television and family viewing. Interesting that newsreader Ms Reid was the butt of this crude joke. She did say on Breakfast News how she disliked clowns, even when clean – will she complain about this crudity? We are not prudish, our early days were around the club circuits with Bernard Manning and simular but that was strictly adults and they had to be members.

Author: Tom Sandow

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