No Business Like Glow Business!

Borrowed a little! ‘How Many Roads Must a Man Walk Down’ a great song by Bob Dylan.
That Orange VIS Jacket. By Tom Sandow

How many roads must a man work upon and always wear a VIS jacket? Main roads and by roads in ditch or on farms for miles we can always track it. Even on a yacht in the middle of the sea you will always see a VIS jacket. The answer my friend is glowing in the dark, the answer is glowing in the dark.

Yes, and how many years can a mountain exist before it is washed to the sea? Yes, and how many years will this jacket exist before it claims even me? The answer my friend is glowing in the dark the answer is glowing in the dark.

Yes, and how many minutes can one walk outside before seeing a VIS jacket? The bin-men, bus drivers and the lollypops are all now in the same bracket. Yes, six-ty seconds is the best I can do no need for a SatNav to track it. The answer my friend is glowing in the dark the answer is glowing in the dark.

A little old lady was shuffling along obviously in great pain, slowly walking down the outside path using a Zima frame. I offered to help in crossing the road, I thought it should be by biz. She said ‘don’t worry lad, don’t get in a friz! I’m wearing my great yellow VIS!

I saw this scarecrow in yellow dayglow in the field down on the farm. The birds were in flock circling to mock and landing on outstretched arms. They suffered no stress as they made a great mess happily perched there sitting! Swaying in the wind, blowing in the wind, glowing and blowing in the wind.

When Armstrong landed upon the moon with one small step for mankind,the thing that he saw on a rock to be sure, was the strangest thing to find. There before his eyes were the biggest surprise, yellow draped over the grey. He was not the first. Who was the first? For the VIS was visible that day!

Professor Challenger was lost in Brazil in search of the rare Zola match. Then after years it suddenly appears swinging from branch to branch. It could easily be seen against all the green for apart from a mass of hairy friz. It had on a coat that brought a lump to the throat yes, the Zolat was wearing a VIS! Glowing in the dark, swinging in the dark – always glowing in the dark.

Nostalgic circus was full of characters in clothing of all shapes on show. Building the tent or pulling down the tent no-one was seen to glow. But those days have gone, Health and Safety rules on, and dayglow is now the biz. So, in the local park glowing in the dark is a Big-Top shaped like a vis. Yes, glowing in the dark glowing in the park is one huge plastic VIZ




Author: Tom Sandow

born into showbusiness - full life entertaining, management, agency, engager of acts and artistes - show producer presenter.

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