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Our website is intended to be family/child safe. This is the only website using the sandowsafe domain. we feel sure you will fully enjoy the wonderful photos and content whilst appreciating this is a show promotional web base with promotional costuming. we welcome all constructive comments to the panels. Intention/ philosophy, the performing arts are truly internation with no language barriers, the greatest gathering to provide happiness to people. this is true art.

Our Policy is to promote the finest visual artistes from across the world, also to assist young artistes with advice and guidance to the best location. We support the government department DEFRA absolutely with its policy to license trainers in all areas of entertainment that may include animals. Presenters are also artistes.    

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The Sandows children’s shows (theatre) toured England Scotland and Wales to hundreds of venues and many thousands of wonderful patrons. We have now retired from tours but still busy promoting!. All our shows provided a profits Covenant to CLIC Sargent the Cancer in Childhood national charity (listed at the top – and see our ‘history’).
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Home based. Please send correspondence to CLIC Sargent, IDP, 4th Floor, Whitefriars,

Lewins Mead, Bristol BS1 2NT

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The Policy is to be a first class professional employment exchange for talent and acts across the world. All views and suggestions are welcomed. This website is open to all recognised employers,  shows, gala shows, cabaret clubs and managements, employment and theatrical agencies. Just e-mail your promotional details and use the PayPal service  or your Credit Card, Please see the payment page or post your payment direct to the charity. We can update your page instantly. Your current Show Playbills can be placed – see that thread – A FREE SERVICE! Update yourself.

Artistes United has been designed to forward factual knowledge in the best easy way about all visual art, usually referred to as; Speciality acts, to include of course comedians, vocalists, bands dancers and groups. These are very unique in the sense that it is their individual ideals to train and try out new exciting routines that is the real science and art that make them the great performers they are. We feel these acts of wonder be they in Variety, Circus or Cabaret are not, perhaps, fully appreciated for the skills risks and effort involved. All are part of Variety or what is termed ‘Light Entertainments.’ Personally we would like to see more visual performers, as we feel the wider public would like to see more of such acts on television in particular. The world offers still the greatest of such acts and some of these we have featured here. (Our personal charity link).

Other contents. Historical Photographs and memorabilia – educational sections. We are proud to publish the past one hundred years of the Richard Sandow family circus -variety acts.

We think the public is interested in quickly and easily locating the past history of the finest Variety stage acts and performers so we would like to thank the British Music Hall Society (listed) for supplying such wonderful old Variety theatre poster memorabilia . Some, as you see, featuring the 1950s Sandow family Variety acts, one week with Peter Sellers. We do hope you enjoy all the fabulous artistes placed here to inspire thought and knowledge about great skills from the past and current. To all Show and Stage enthusiasts, why not send to us your special favourite? You will be thanked and credited. This should be a contact website as much as promotional one. Schools! The Sandows Slapstick Theatre has played so many schools we have lost count! Head-teachers, do contact if you would like a discussion for the children about stage skills, performance, history – stage circus humour. We would be delighted to provide a talk. Reside East-Yorkshire area only.

The very best of good fortune for 2018, Safehaven International Directory, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom YO16 7EN. Let us make this the best, the most helpful contact service for this World of Variety! Performing Artistes of the world united  – please use it!