Stonehenge is within the Louvre Museum

The Zodiac of Dendera is Stonehenge circa 50 B.C. placed in the Louvre Museum Paris 1841.

The incredible fact that the fabulous monument of Stonehenge is within the Louvre Museum Paris to a ratio of 68.75. The precise dating can be found along with the logical assumption that the ancient astro-scientists had found the size and orbit of the moon 4,000 years ago and also knew these facts in 50 B.C. when the Zodiac of Dendera was placed upon the roof of the Temple of Hathur that the Frence astronomers have since dated to 50 B.C. owing to two Eclipses placed for that year. Logic also supposes the date would be to welcome Summer Solstice 21st June 50 B.C.

This roof art measures 100 inches or 8.33333ft. Stonehenge is times 68.75 and 6,875 inches to measure the Twin Heelstone circle width. The circle being 21,600 inches and 864 sacred cubits (1800ft and 5.5 times larger than the Sarsen ring). The actual art of Dendera is within the Lourve taken from Egypt in 1841 with a replica left in the place of. Here is a drawing of the Zodiac from the book, Secrets of the Great Pyramid by Peter Tompkins. I have added the details to link the artwork as Stonehenge in precise formation as you see from the lower drawing. Each of the maidens would measure 25 inches or one sacred cubit on the Temple roof and 1,718.75 inches at Stonehenge if they were placed there – 68.75 cubits. Again, sensationally we have the orbit of the moon! 1.71875 as degrees times the minutes of arc – 60 = 103.125 minutes (see the number of feet for the King’s Chamber as 103.125) divided by 30 minutes for each moon = 3.4375 moons x 2160 miles = 7425 miles x 200 = 1,485,000 basl miles x 1.0101010 for 1,500,000 Imperial – correct!

The conclusion must be that the dating is correct as 50 B.C. and the roof placing was a total homage celebration for the original construction 1,800 years previously or, 25 degrees of the Celestial Pole movement from 1850 B.C. to 50 B.C. Lockyer stated that the Stonehenge Heelstone alignment can be dated to 1690 B.C. allowing 200 years one side or the other.

(P) meaning the Great Pyramid construction one Zodiac or 2160 years prior the central date and 2210 B.C. (O) is for the future date of the three stars of Orion, again, one Zodiac or 2160 years following 50 B.C. to 2110 A.D., for the movement of the North Pole over 60 degrees total or one sixth of the Celestial circuit put as 25,920 years. Total number of years 4,320. This meant the whole meaning of time to Ancient Egypt. The fact that 50 B.C. is homaging the meaning of Stonehenge also means that the monument was in full scientific astrological working that seems to have come to an abrupt halt after the Roman invasion of Britain. The great American writer Gerald S Hawkins wrote this item in his book “Beyond Stonehenge” confirming the date for the Heelstones as 1800 B.C.

The four maidens are clearly the four Equinox points of the astral compass. One will notice Leo standing upon a snake for the pyramid construction – Summer Solstice into Leo that also created the Sphinx. Length being 288o inches and 50 per cent of the pyramid height 5760 inches. Notice that 50 B.C. shows a Ram upon a snake. Exactly 60 degrees and 4,320 years forward to the three stars of Orion – North Pole alignment – this is shown as a snake above a square with six loops meaning in logic 60 degrees.

The shown Aubrey circle is the precise orbit if the moon in miles of 64,000 inches, the basl mile. Width being half of the total 6,875 for 3437.5 inches and 137.5 sacred cubits for a circle as 432 sacred cubits – orbit to 1,485,000 miles divided by 432 = 3437.5 ratios. 432 sacred cubits for 10,800 inches into 1,485,000 ratios 137.5* (The Biblical Ark Covenant states 37.5 – 37.5 – 62.5 inches – 137.5 inches) Mathematics; Outer ditch limit 4500 inches by 3437.5 = 1.3090909 as times 12 – foot = 15,70909 inches as 157.0909 sacred cubits (circle) for a diameter of 50 cubits and 1250 inches the central Sarsen ring. Stonehenge to 6875 inches by the ditch as 4500 ratios 1.5277777 (as; 152.7777 Imperial yards for 5500 inches and the current pyramid height to its flat top above the ground). 6875 inches divided by the Sarsens width 1250 = 5.5 and 5.5 sacred cubits are 137.5 inches – the Biblical Ark of the Covenant, 11.4583333 Imperial feet. The perfect triangle ratio is 1.14583333.

The Imperial Rod or Perch length 198 inches and; 7.92 Sacred Cubits of 25 inches.

One artwork from the wonderful works of Ms Bonnie Gount and her book Stonehenge a Closer look. The two measures are correct that also proves the 25 inch sacred cubit but she makes it clear that Pi for a circle was also 3.125  to find the correct logic. 316.8ft is the measure to produce a diameter of that circle to 100.83333 ft and 1210 inches – correct to the centre of the Sarsen ring stones (plus 40 = 1250 to the limit). A square of 316.8 ft by 4 results the diameter as 79.2ft but a circle of that number with Pi as 3.125 says 247.5 ft and 2970 inches. Petrie said that the Royal cubit was 20.63 inches – findings say 20.625 inches and only with pi as 3.125 it is 144 Royal cubits. Note that 24,750 basl miles was the assumed circumference of the earth.

Ark of the Covenant is Stonehenge

The precise ground plan of Stonehenge


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